Kim Kardashian Poses for Photo With Hulk Hogan While Clubbing in Miami

“Were goin out tonite!… It’s goin down!” tweeted Kim Kardashian earlier tonight from Miami.

She initially started out the night tagging her brother and company in her twitter posts, but in no time at all, it was clear that Hulk Hogan had joined the party.

“What you gonna do… when you have @hulkhogan in the house!!!!!!” is what her most recent twitter post says, posted only minutes ago. In the picture she accompanied Hulk’s shoutout with, you can see the reality stars partying it up together in the club.

Evidently the two ran into each other while club hopping throughout Miami and took their party onto twitter.

It’s easy to see why the two get along so well… You see, they actually have a lot in common with one another. Not only have they both starred in their own reality TV shows, but both Kim and the Hulk also have both had their own sex tape scandals as well.

Could a Kim Kardashian & Hulk Hogan sex tape be in the works? It might be ugly… But honestly, I’d probably still check it out.

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