Hulk Hogan Leaked Sex Tape Hits The Web… And Its Not a Pretty Sight


The highly anticipated sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan has finally hit the web in it’s entirety, and to be frank… its nothing to write home about, kids. There are a number of things that occur during this video that don’t sit right with us, actually. The few bits and pieces that have been available so far left so much to the imagination.

The first thing that got our attention is that a short while into the video, the viewer can see that Hulk is showcasing his AWESOME BIKINI TAN LINE while on the receiving end of some oral pleasure.


Unfortunately, Hulk Hogan’s bikini tan line isn’t the most disturbing thing about this video. Soon after, the Hulk’s cell phone begins to ring. What follows next is the equivalent to a nuclear bomb detonating inside your eardrum. His ringtone is loud and clear: “About Us”, his daughter’s single off her new album featuring Paul Wall. It really is that bad, folks.

After Hulk silences his godawful ringtone, he proceeds to lay the smackdown on the awaiting female, thought to be Heather Clem. Heather Clem is the wife of Hogan’s best friend, famous radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge.


The unidentified man in the beginning of the video is thought by many to be Bubba, fully aware of the situation at hand. Are Hulk and Bubba passing this girl around, or is Hogan nailing this girl behind his best friend’s back?

Check out Gawker to see the full video, view at your own risk. -StarzUncut

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