Chet Haze Busted Trying To Pick Up Girls On Reddit


The son of actor Tom Hanks has gone to twitter to deny any involvement in the recent postings from Reddit user “ChetHaze”. The account was created by a person claiming to be the real Chet Haze, but after someone informed him that his comment history in the NSFW r/gonewild section wasn’t set to private, he immediately deleted his account.

The fake postings were apparently convincing enough to fool Chet Haze’s brother along with many others into thinking it was a real account. (Duh, it was real.) Topics posted about included living in Cali and Chicago, marijuana, frats, nude women, and get this…. PROSTATE MASSAGE. For real… What’s wrong with this kid?!?!?! has obtained Chet Haze’s Reddit post history as well as the Twitter cover-up. Frankly we aren’t buying it Chet!



I wonder what his Dad Tom is going to say about this…

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