Chris Brown Getting Kissed By Two Girls… And Neither Are His Girlfriend


So have you ever wondered what Chris Brown does in his downtime? You know… besides beating up chicks and two-timing his girlfriend…

Well, check out this fan submission that just received:

“I was with a couple of my girllfriends and we bumped into Chris Brown, my friends gave him a kiss on the cheek he was going out with kearuche at the time but acted like he was single and was loving the attention he is such wonder what Rihanna will think about this pic”

Wow, really? By the looks of it, Chris Brown’s pimp game is in full effect at all times. We know this wasn’t extremely recent due to the fact he’s missing his neck tattoo, but we definitely wouldn’t be surprised if he was playing Kearuche like that.

You’d think by now one of these girls would get a clue. Guess not.

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  • team breezy

    dang yall jus tryin to find somthing to make him look bad jus because he gets kissed doesnt mean hes a two timer jus gettin some respect :/