Rob Kardashian Sends Text Messages To A Lucky Fan


FAN SUBMISSION: Hey! So Rob Kardashian tweeted me saying, send me your numbers. So I thought why not!

I sent him my cell phone number over twitter and not too long after, I got a text saying.. “Queen Chezbian?”

I reps indeed with “Call me Millie! Who’s this?” To which they responded, “This is Rob, you tweeted me your number.”

And at first I didn’t believe him.. So I said “I dare you to prove it;)” he said, “lol How bby?” And I told him, “Send me a picture!;)” and very quickly I received a picture message of his face with his tongue licking his lip and it was clearly taken with an iPhone!

So I sent him a picture of me back and he responded, “lol! What’s good?” And we talked! I tried calling the number and it was blocked halfway through which made me believe, it was him. Because most celebrities don’t allow unknown numbers to call! I have screen shots as well…


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  • Amani

    what is his number