Yao Ming Plays Golf Like a Little Girl


Yao Ming might have been an international superstar because of the way he excelled on the basketball court before his retirement, but his skills definitely do not translate well to the golf course. In this video obtained by StarzUncut.com, the Chinese giant can be seen showcasing what just might be the ugliest golf swing we have yet to see. (Charles Barkley also is a pretty horrendous golf player as well.)

UGHHH. Wasn’t that painful to watch? Not only is Yao’s form unorthodox and clumsy, but the 7’6″ monster also hits the ball like a little girl.

Watch it again. Not only does Yao completely miss the ball on his first attempt, but when he finally does make contact, the result is just plain pathetic. By the look on his face, it is obvious that Yao is totally embarassed by his performance. With the television cameras rolling, he must have been thinking to himself, “Oh no. This clip is definitely going to find its way onto the internet.”


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