Mystery Girl Spotted At Chris Brown’s LA House


Today we received some pictures/footage from one of our readers obtained outside Chris Brown’s L.A. house showing a mystery woman out on his balcony.

It appeared as if Chris was messing around with a new girl… but after doing some research we were able to determine the identify of the woman.



Here’s the email we received with the photos:

“Today I was at my buddies house who lives in the Hollywood Hills. As we were walking his dog he pointed out an enormous house belonging to Chris Brown. Immediately I noticed a girl standing on the balcony who I assumed to be Rihanna. My friend thought it was Karrueche Tran since he’d seen her over there in the past. It actually turned out that we were both wrong and now we can’t figure out who the mystery girl is. Do you have any idea who she is? She does have that Rihanna/Karrueche look that Chris likes. Her car was parked there since the early morning so maybe her and Chris had a long night together?”

So who was the mystery girl?!?

Well… It turned out the woman on the balcony was Chris Brown’s mom Joyce Hawkins! Apparently Breezy’s mother was visiting from the East Coast and watching the house while her son was gone.

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  • KesKorynn

    His mom…

  • Honeykiss123

    That’s his mom u retards

  • Jillz

    I never knew how stupid people can be ..

  • kannee

    lmao I had to find this, because I couldn’t believe it was real. You people are idiots!!! aww man I really needed this laugh whooo *wipes away tear*

  • team breezy

    omg that his freakin mom smart one
    yall jus tryin to find to complain about!!