Bieber Pulled Over in West Hollywood by Police Today, What’s Next?!?!

After breaking up with his girl, Selena Gomez, in favor of hanging out with his new friend Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, Justin Bieber capped off his eventful weekend with a run in with the law!

The Biebs was pulled over in West Hollywood today at approximately 6:30PM by an LA County Sheriff’s deputy while cruising in his white Ferrari.

Some photos were taken showing the superstar cooperating with the officers, who couldn’t help but recognize who they had stopped. Eventually, Justin was free to go, and even got off without a ticket!

This kid sure has been on a run lately… He even went so far as to tweet a picture of the sirens in his rear view to all his followers.

You gotta wonder what kind of trouble is in store for this kid in the future, you know… with him be a bachelor and all now.

No official statements about this incident have been made by the Bieber camp yet.


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  • Jeffery P. Segall Rn

    What’s next? Maybe he exits the closet