Lindsay Lohan Appears on Jay Leno’s Show.. And She’s a Wreck!!!

One of the guests on Jay Leno’s talk show tonight was our favorite Hollywood trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan… From the moment she walked on stage, we knew it was gonna be bad.

Wearing an ugly black dress, LiLo flashed some side boob while hugging Jay. During the interview, Leno continued to blast Lohan with questions…. which clearly made the young actress uncomfortable at first. Lindsay eventually got into the groove, and did a semi-satisfactory job of answering Jay’s inquiries… but she still came off looking a little odd.

The two discussed everything from the paparazzi, her crazy antics/legal troubles, to Tim Tebow’s virginity. She even took a moment to slam her father, Michael Lohan, on the air!

Lohan’s new flick Liz and Dick made it’s way into the conversation, and Lindsay introduced a clip that was debuted on the show. She even hung around for Jay’s subsequent interview with newsman David Gregory, although seeing her up there (and occasionally chiming in) was a bit awkward.

Lindsay had recently blown off a highly anticipated interview with Barbara Walters, so it will be interesting to see how the media reacts to her latest appearance.

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