Wilmer Valderrama Partying At The Fontainebleau Hotel In Miami Beach


Wilmer Valderrama was recently spotted at the luxurious Fontainebleau Hotel in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida.

It was reported Wilmer was a very nice and sweet guy posing with all the ladies for photos and even busting out the Fez voice for a good laugh.

In a recent interview Wilmer is currently making the transition from acting to music saying…

“I am actually doing a new album with a bunch of amazing producers. This will be the first musical I have done, so I am really proud. The album should be out sometime after New Years.

The music will be a new sound, I have worked with incredible producers such as Red Styles, Priscilla Renea, Lil Eddie are to name a few. There is also collaborations with performers and friends of mine, but I will keep this a secret.”

We can only hope this album does better then his reality show… YO MOMMA!

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