Screenshots Surface From The Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson Sex Tape

chad-johnson-nudeChad Johnson is taking “White Christmas” to whole another level. Roughly three years ago former NFL star Chad Ocho Cinco stared in his very own sex tape and now screenshots have just surfaced on Christmas day.

The video was shot during his alleged promiscuous days with the ladies.

This particular time Chad was allegedly captured knocking boots with a stripper… giving it to her from all angles while a group of people watched.

At least he is getting something up unlike his football stats, we can only hope his performance is worthy of a Heisman Trophy.


Chad had no problem confirming that he was indeed the one stuffing the stockings in the video… if you catch my drift.

Chad made a decision he will regret for the rest of his life… or will he? Ocho Cinco has always been a little bit of an attention whore, so maybe this is all part of his master plan to break into the adult entertainment industry.

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  • John Felix Koziol

    Some people will do anything for attention. Chad Johnson is DEFINITELY one that I can DEFINITELY see as one of these type of people because of the way he conducts himself!!!