Lil Wayne Disses Miami Heat… I Had Sex With Chris Bosh’s Wife

lil-wayne-disses-miami-heatLil Wayne Disses the NBA & Miami Heat, oh and let’s not forget about Chris Bosh’s wife… yes he went their.

Weezy took the opportunity to blow off some steam towards the Miami Heat organization last night when he took the stage in Houston. Weezy starting things off by saying…

“When I say f**k, you say NBA! When I say f**k, you say Miami Heat!”

Also saying, “F**k LeBron. F**k She Wade. F**k Chris Bosh. F**k all y’all.”

To top things off Weezy said, “I f**ked Chris Bosh wife.”… the crowd went nuts!

As for Bosh’s reps and the Miami Heat… so far, no comments.

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