Vanessa Minnillo Drunk Licking Paris Hilton’s Leg… Fan Reports Possible Hook Up?

vanessa-minnillo-paris-hilton-sexy-drunkWhen there is alcohol in the mix with Paris Hilton and Vanessa Minnillo… you could always count on one crazy night once they get drunk, a starzuncut fan reports…

Yo Check it starzuncut, we were straight up chillin in Cancun, Mexico with my home girls Paris Hilton and Vanessa Minnillo livin it up! Dude them girls get crazy when they are drunk, only kicked it with them a few times and they are down chicks.

Check out this pic of Vanessa licking Paris Hiltons sexy legs, this shit went on all nite even back to there room, after that I could only use my imagination.

I was hungover as shit the next morning and saw Vanessa slip out.

Those are some crazy girls, they don’t mess around.

Big shoutout to my girls.

From the licking in the pick, Vanessa might have a thing out for Paris. lol -StarzUncut

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