Wiz Khalifa Cheating On Amber Rose With Instagram Model Sarah Duce

wiz-khalifa-cheating-on-amber-roseWiz Khalifa better known as “MisterCap” on Instagram is being exposed for hitting on model Sara Duce also known as “sekhel_shine” via Instagram while married to Amber Rose with a newborn baby to add fuel to the fire.

sara-duce-sekhel_shine- model wiz-khalifa-cheating-instagram-model

Over the past few weeks, Wiz has “liked” several random girls sexy modeling pics. It was reported that Wiz started things off slow with Sara by first commenting on her photos and liking them before dropping her them digits for the whole world to see. Sara wasn’t following Wiz, so he couldn’t send her a private message forcing him to send the message publicly – then asked her to “delete the message” after reading immediately.

You can only imagine how many blunts they smoked and how many times they did the dirty. -StarzUncut

UPDATE: Sarah Duce is looking for a HUGE payday, sending us the following…

“Hey this is sekhel_shine,

Thats not the full story. I have text messages, pics, and more. Everybody’s calling and emailing me from mediatakeout to TMZ. I am sending a mass text letting everyone know I am only interested in selling my story to the Best Offer and to let all media outlets know to stop contacting me if you have no offers. Thank You -Sara Duce”

Expect to see the photos on the internet soon! -StarzUncut

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  • cameron thomaz

    This wiz I didn’t cheat, she had came to me
    love my wife’s big booty

  • =ThaDromie=

    I believe ya Wiz…idk who dis girl is but. Amber Rose loves u my dude…dont fk wit some other girl cuz I’m sure u kno dat it’ll break up ya family. Just lay back, roll a j of Purple Kush x Blue Dream and be happy with what ya got ight.
    …stay lifted
    =Tha Dromie=