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Wiz Khalifa Cheating On Amber Rose With Instagram Model Sarah Duce


Wiz Khalifa better known as “MisterCap” on Instagram is being exposed for hitting on model Sara Duce also known as “sekhel_shine” via Instagram while married to Amber Rose with a newborn baby to add fuel to the fire. Over the past few weeks,…

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Vanessa Minnillo Drunk Licking Paris Hilton’s Leg… Fan Reports Possible Hook Up?


When there is alcohol in the mix with Paris Hilton and Vanessa Minnillo… you could always count on one crazy night once they get drunk, a starzuncut fan reports… Yo Check it starzuncut, we were straight up chillin in Cancun, Mexico with my home…

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Chris Brown Getting Kissed By Two Girls… And Neither Are His Girlfriend


So have you ever wondered what Chris Brown does in his downtime? You know… besides beating up chicks and two-timing his girlfriend… Well, check out this fan submission that just received: “I was with a couple of my…

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Chet Haze Busted Trying To Pick Up Girls On Reddit


The son of actor Tom Hanks has gone to twitter to deny any involvement in the recent postings from Reddit user “ChetHaze”. The account was created by a person claiming to be the real Chet Haze, but after someone informed him that his comment…

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Miami Housewife Alexia Echevarria’s Son Peter Rosello Exposed… Drugs And Other Crazy Antics


Alexia Echevarria made her way into the spotlight recently with her roll on the Bravo hit show The Real Housewives of Miami. Her son Peter Rosello also made it into the spotlight but for all the wrong reasons. Peter is currently being investigated…

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Breaking News: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Sex Tape Cover Up?!?!


So it seems as if the Kanye West sex tape starring Kim Kardashian lookalike Mony Monn is just an elaborate hoax to cover up the fact that Kim and Kanye were getting it on behind Kris Humphries’ back while the two were married. Sources tell…

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Lady Gaga Perched On Her Throne… For Latest Photoshoot

lady-gaga-sitting-on-the-toilet got a hold of Lady Gaga perched on her throne in what would normally be a private moment for the superstar. In this invasive photo, Lady Gaga can be seen squeezing out her own little monster. Maybe this sounds a little raunchy, but…

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Jon Jones Lets It All Hang Out In The Gym


Jon Jones caught here changing in-between rounds and looks surprised as ever when a training partner snaps a pic of the champ in the nude. Or maybe this is a new cutting edge workout I don’t know about… let me guess Greg Jackson came up…

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Prince Harry Nude Pics Leaked Playing Strip Pool In Las Vegas


The newest person to fall victim of leaked nude pics of themselves on the internet is none other than Prince Harry. The photos at the bottom are big Harry with a couple of girls in Las Vegas at a VIP suite in the MGM Grand from this…

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Nude Photos, Sext Messages, And More Drama For Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans


Yesterday we were informed about some more nude photos of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans that hit the web. This didn’t really seem like anything new or shocking, but then after doing some research things started to get interesting. The person who…

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