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Justin Bieber My Balls


Here’s Justin Bieber and a fan wearing a Bieber my Balls t-shirt. What’s the meaning of the Bieber my Balls movement you might ask? Your guess is as good as ours! As you can tell from the photo, Justin really got a kick out of the guy’s…

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Selena Gomez Strips For TSA At LAX Airport


Selena Gomez got up close and personal with a TSA employee today, making for what some might call ‘standard procedure’ and others might refer to as an intimate encounter. As reported to, while going through LAX’s security…

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Even Kobe Bryant Can’t Dodge Jury Duty


Fan Submission: After being summoned for jury duty, the last thing I expected was to run into Kobe Bryant while checking in at the court in the morning! This was the first time I had ever seen the Black Mamba in person, and let me tell you… he…

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Chris Brown Getting Kissed By Two Girls… And Neither Are His Girlfriend


So have you ever wondered what Chris Brown does in his downtime? You know… besides beating up chicks and two-timing his girlfriend… Well, check out this fan submission that just received: “I was with a couple of my…

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Shaq Gives A Fan A Free Iphone


StarzUncut Fan: My 4g Iphone broke yesterday so I decided to go into the Apple Store to see if I could get it fixed. Within ten minutes of being there the “Diesel” Shaquille O’Neal came into the building to buy the new Iphone 5. I’m not sure who…

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Michael Jordan Spotted In His Private Jet, A $30 Million Gulfstream 450!


FAN SUBMISSION: After recently arriving at the the Miami Executive Airport, I noticed what had to be the most hideous private jets parked next to ours. It was a GIV with an ugly white and baby blue paint scheme, it totally caught me off…

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Mark Cuban Drunken Gangnam Style


Mark Cuban was recently spotted at Kilroy’s bar and grill in Bloomington Indiana where he tossed back some beers and busted out some drunken Gangnam…

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Paris Hilton In The Bathroom Taking A Big…. Picture With Her Fans


FAN SUBMISSION: So this was like the best night ever!! My girls and I were in the bathroom in Vegas when the beautiful Paris Hilton comes walking in #onlyinvegas She is the sweetest girl ever and her dress was totally amazing! The gold on the…

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Kobe Bryant Out With His Family At The Irvine Spectrum


FAN SUBMISSION: I took this picture of basketball legend Kobe Bryant out with his family in front of Frederick’s at the Irvine Spectrum. They were out doing some family shopping. I could tell that their marriage was on the rocks because they…

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The Sherminator From American Pie Is Now Waiting Tables At A Sushi Restaurant


So what has the Sherminator been up to? Well it looks as though the former ladies man from American Pie is now working as a server at Sushi Roku in Santa Monica. There are plenty of good lookin’ girls down there, especially with…

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