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Jessica Simpson And Me Before Nick Lachey

SPOTTED: Jessica Simpson and me before her days with Nick Lachey. I was at a local club with a few of my friends and came across a very intoxicated Jessica Simpson. She was all over the place having a good time. She was more than happy to pose…

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Justin Bieber Wikipedia Page Hacked With Homosexual Remark

(click image to enlarge) According to Wikipedia, “Justin Bieber is squirrel in a blender. He is gay.” The Wikipedia bio for pop/r&b star Justin Bieber was hacked today and the new information is clearly a joke, unless Bieber really is a…

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Mclovin On The Set Of Year One

SPOTTED: Mclovin completely in role on the set of Year One. Literally I could not stop laughing my a** off. He looked hilarious, take a look at this pic and try not to laugh. Even when the cameras weren’t rolling he wouldn’t break character he is…

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Funny Pic Of Tommy Lee Caught Hula Hooping!

My friend met Tommy Lee a while ago and they ended up going back with him and partying in his hotel room. I always knew Tommy Lee was a party animal but he never seemed like the type that would bust out a hula hoop! He must of been pretty drunk…

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Carmen Electra has a hand full!

Footage surfaced of Carmen Electra getting frisky with another woman! Both chicks are scantily clad and Miss Carmen is anything but camera shy. It’s not known who filmed the footage or when it’s from, but chances are Carmen’s camp released it…

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