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Selena Gomez At A Restaurant With No Makeup


StarzUncut Fan: Hey Guyz, So I was hanging out with my parents a couple of days ago at this restaurant that I go to all the time right by my house and Selena Gomez came their randomly and was seated right next to us in the patio area. I have…

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Posts Twitter Pic With No Makeup


StarzUncut Fan: OMG Jennifer Love Hewitt is so pretty, she just posted this picture of herself without makeup on her instagram account, she still looks so…

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Kim Kardashian Posts A Picture From Home In A Bra


STARZUNCUT FAN: Kim Kardashian just posted this picture on her twitter account, it looks like she just got done working out and is getting ready to take a bath. She is definitely trying to suck in her gut, but none the less for having no makeup…

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Picture Of Snooki Without Makeup


Here’s a pic of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi without makeup on. When I first saw the photo I didn’t even recognize her… she looks completely different! She looks good natural and it’s nice to see her without looking like a guidette and…

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Picture Of Katy Perry Without Makeup


USER SUBMISSION: Big fan of the site, this is my first submission! It’s of the beautiful Katy Perry dong a sexy pose. She didn’t have any makeup on and still looked smokin hot!…

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Giuliana Rancic Looks Like A Different Person Without Makeup


SPOTTED: When I first saw Giuliana I had no idea it was her until a friend of mine told me. This was right before she got her makeup done for the Golden Globes 2011. She was real hesitant to take this pic with me because she was simply a blank…

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