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Vanessa Minnillo Drunk Licking Paris Hilton’s Leg… Fan Reports Possible Hook Up?


When there is alcohol in the mix with Paris Hilton and Vanessa Minnillo… you could always count on one crazy night once they get drunk, a starzuncut fan reports… Yo Check it starzuncut, we were straight up chillin in Cancun, Mexico with my home…

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David Beckham Double Fisting At The Mint In Los Angeles


David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham were just scene out together at a local bar called The Mint in Los Angeles. A fan writes… “David and Victoria sure know how to have a good time. David was double fisting all night while…

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Chris Brown Spotted Drinking Before Leaving The Club In His Lamborghini


FAN SUBMISSION: I’m not one to talk shit on people but I don’t have a problem when it comes to Chris Brown. I saw Chris at the SuperClub in Hollywood on Labor Day where he was partying with Wiz Khalifa and Tyga. Wiz and Chris were…

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Dennis Rodman: What Happened To Celebrity Rehab?


Starzuncut, you couldn’t even imagine the drunk infused night we had with the former NBA All Star Dennis Rodman. The Patron shots were flowng all night @ Fuji Yama in Newport Beach on the…

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Drew Barrymore’s Halloween Party Broken Up By Cops


Hey StarzUncut, Looks like Drew Barrymore really knows how to throw a great party, as you can see her drinking the night away in these pictures!!! She was having a Halloween party at her house when the cops showed up! Just after midnight…

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Chuck Liddell Wasted In Hawaii


USER SUBMISSION: I used to date the UFC former light heavyweight champion Chuck the Iceman Liddell. Here we are on vacation at the beautiful Oahu Island in Hawaii. One of the nights we pre gamed and took shots in our hotel room, then…

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MVP Dirk Nowitzki Celebrating His Championship Win


Starz, Did you hear??? Dirk Nowitzki finally got a ring!!!! The Dallas Mavericks just beat the Miami Heat in 6 games to win the NBA Championship. Dirk was so emotional to win he could not even stay on the court to celebrate… I think all of…

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Rapper And Producer Jermaine Dupri Poppin Bottles

Celeb: Jermaine Dupri Where: Atlanta, Ga When: 2006 SPOTTED: Straight out of Atlanta rapper and producer Jermaine Dupri, poppin bottles of Crystal like it was going out of style. Its all love and its all right, big shoutout to my boy…

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Does Coco Crisp Have A Drinking Problem?

SPOTTED: Through an event and my man Coco Crisp came out, he is always so busy with training and all that, but he made time to have a few drinks and show some love to his close friends. I had to make sure he didn’t drink to much because I didn’t…

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Christina Aguilera And Boyfriend Matthew Rutler Had A Run In With The Police


It all went down Monday, when Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler had a run in with the police and were arrested for public intoxication. Matt had the book thrown at him for driving under the influence and was taken into…

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