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Avril Lavigne And Brody Jenner Break Up

STARZUNCUT FAN: Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner Break up after 2 years of dating. Avril was married before to Deryck Whibley and they got a divorce in 2009. Brody is known for being on the TV show “The Hills” and is a musician. He is also is…

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Avril’s Spending Vacation Time With Her Ex

Avril Lavigne’s got her hands full… of her ex-husband!!!! The two of them were seen on a yacht in France. What were they doing together??? Avril’s got a new boyfriend so hopefully it was nothing. She and her ex, Deryck have remained pretty…

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Avril Lavigne Is Continuing To Lose Fans

At a baseball game the other night, Avril Lavigne was performing when her microphone stopped working. Then she started saying some expletives about the situation… People from the stadium had to apologize for her behavior. The question…

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Avril Lavigne And Her Super Hot Red Hair!

SPOTTED: I was so excited to meet Avril Lavigne. I have been a long time fan now and it was such a pleasure to have had the chance to talk to her. She was looking so hot with her new red hair. What an all around amazing singer. I have like all her…

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