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Kim Kardashian Posted Pictures of Beyonce’s Back Up Singers on Twitter!

Kim Kardashian posted pictures of Beyonce’s back up vocals on the back stage during Bey’s concert! She’s an attention whore! I heard that Beyonce changed her mind and decided not to invite Kim K on her concert anymore. But of course,…

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Jealous Kim Kardashian Ruled Kanye West!

Kim Kardashian ruled Kanye West on an event in London! Yes, Kanye invited his girlfriend to celebrate the birthday of Jay Z’s manager. However, instead of having a good time, Kanye and Kim K have to leave earlier because of Kanye’s “other…

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Beyonce Following Rihanna’s Steps in Posting Nude Bathroom Pictures?

Hey StarzUncut! Is Beyonce following Rihanna in posting bathroom pictures? Well, I was surprised to see Queen B’s picture posted on an online site earlier today! She was in the bathroom, taking a hot shot, and wearing nothing – only Jay Z’s…

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Beyonce Doesn’t Like Kim Kardashian For Kanye West

Fan Submission: I completely understand why Beyonce doesn’t like Kim Kardashian for her husband’s best friend, Kanye West. Bey came from a conservative family and environment and Kim’s…

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Claim: Kim Kardashian And Beyonce Will Never Be Friends

Ouch! Kim Kardashian will never be inside Beyonce’s circle of friends! Yes! Even if Bey’s husband Jay Z and Kim’s new boyfriend Kanye are best friends! I knew it! Beyonce is just too…

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Jay Z Spotted: Shopping For Jewelries At Jacob and Co

Starzuncut Fan Submission: I saw Jay Z buying some jewelries…

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Blue Ivy Carter: How People Reacted After Seeing Her Photos Yesterday

Blue Ivy is definitely the most famous newborn baby today! After Beyonce gave birth to her daughter, issues and speculations filled the worldwide web. And now that they showed off some of their baby’s pictures, can someone say that she is an…

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Beyonce and JayZ Want Their Little Blue Ivy To Be TradeMarked

Because Blue Ivy Carter is now one of the most famous names, Beyonce and JayZ decided to keep it unique. Being proud parents, it was reported that Beyonce and Jay Z filed documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to protect their…

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Rihanna Congrats Beyonce And Jay-Z On Baby Girl

STARZUNCUT FAN: Congrats Beyonce and Jay-Z on your new baby girl named Blue Ivy Carter! Rihanna also congratulated the couple by posting this on her twitter… “Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih.” I am so excited…

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Did Beyonce Have Her Baby?

STARZuncut, Did Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z have there baby yet? It has been going around the internet that Beyonce checked into St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City last night and that the two had given birth to a daughter named Tiana May…

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