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Cameron Diaz Shows Off New Breast Implants In New Esquire Photoshoot


Cameron Diaz recently talked to Esquire magazine about what life is like now that she is “over the hill.” The actress not only said she is taking everything in stride, but also sported a good attitude about the whole thing. “There’s no such…

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Did Cameron Diaz Get Breast Implants?

User Submission: It looks like Cameron Diaz got A boob job! The 39 year old was spotted on the beach in Hawaii a few weeks ago and her boobs looked a lot different compared to last year! I thought she was really hot before, but now she looks even…

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Charlie’s Angels Cameron Diaz Stops By My Work!

SPOTTED: This was already back in like 08 when I worked over in Hollywood at a restaurant and Cameron Diaz stopped by. This wasn’t the first time either, she has actually been in here quite a few times. This time I was lucky because I happened to…

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Cameron Diaz Let Me Buy Her A Drink!

SPOTTED: Dude best night ever! I had the honer of buying Cameron Diaz a mojito. Cost me a pretty penny but it was totally worth it. I told her all about my new punk band. She was more than willing to listen to me and she even seemed interested. Of…

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