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Chris Brown Smoking Weed In Amsterdam


Here are some photos of Chris Brown smoking weed at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. As you can tell from the pics, Chris and his buddies don’t mess around. They spent a…

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Chris Brown Boards Private Jet Out of LAX


About an hour or so ago, Chris Brown was photographed with all his boys getting ready to board a private jet out of LA. Before departing, he tweeted the following picture along with the message “OHB! Black Pyramid!” For those of you that aren’t…

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Chris Brown’s Controversial Terrorist Halloween Costume


Chris Brown was terrorizing the streets this Halloween after him and his friends dressed up like a group of angry terrorists. Those terrorist are rolling in style, I didn’t know they could afford Lamborghinis. Let’s hope some people don’t…

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Mystery Girl Spotted At Chris Brown’s LA House


Today we received some pictures/footage from one of our readers obtained outside Chris Brown’s L.A. house showing a mystery woman out on his balcony. It appeared as if Chris was messing around with a new girl… but after doing some research we…

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Chris Brown Driving His New Audi R8 Around Hollywood


Chris Brown was spotted in Hollywood yesterday driving around in his stunning new Audi R8 Spyder. Breezy and his friend were cruising with the top down in the $150,000 supercar when a lucky fan noticed him and snapped a few pics. Brown…

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Chris Brown Getting Kissed By Two Girls… And Neither Are His Girlfriend


So have you ever wondered what Chris Brown does in his downtime? You know… besides beating up chicks and two-timing his girlfriend… Well, check out this fan submission that StarzUncut.com just received: “I was with a couple of my…

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Chris Brown Spotted Drinking Before Leaving The Club In His Lamborghini


FAN SUBMISSION: I’m not one to talk shit on people but I don’t have a problem when it comes to Chris Brown. I saw Chris at the SuperClub in Hollywood on Labor Day where he was partying with Wiz Khalifa and Tyga. Wiz and Chris were…

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Chris Brown And Drake Got Into A Fight In New York This Morning

Early this morning Chris Brown and Drake got into a little scuffle at the WIP nightclub in New York. Supposedly Drake instigated the whole thing and antagonized Brown by saying things like “I’m fu*%in the love of your life, deal with it.”…

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Chris Brown’s “Sweet Love” Music Video Released

Have you seen Chris Brown’s “Sweet Love” music video? Man, it was awesome! As always, another spectacular video from Chris Brown. His sex dance moves are making me melt! His partner is lucky! Those steamy, cozy scenes are…

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Nicki Minaj Right By My Side Video Released With Nas and Chris Brown

Oh My Gosh StarzUncut! I just saw Nicki Minaj’s Right By My Side video with Nas and Chris Brown. I am really glad to see it! The video was great. But I was kinda annoyed on how Nicki looked! Chris Brown and Nas were both trying to win Nicki’s…

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