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Christian Bale Visits Shooting Victims


StarzUncut Fan: Christian Bale stopped by the Aurora Medical Center in Denver, CO. Showing his compassion and respect to those injured in the Dark Knight Rises movie theater shooting. Everyone was ecstatic to see him and it really lifted…

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The Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer Released

Here’s the official trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. There were a few leaked versions that hit the web last week, but they could hardly compare to this one that was just released. This looks like it’s going to be the best Batman movie…

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Christian Bale Assaulted In China

It all started when Christian Bale was out promoting a film in China titled “The Flowers of War.” When Bale decided to try and visit a blind activist who is on house arrest, the assault occurred. The Activist’s guards would not let him…

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Teaser Trailer For “The Dark Knight Rises”

WOW!!! Check out the new teaser Trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises!!!” It’s flippin’ amazing! And it’s kind of trippy!!! It looks like a crazy dream or something! The new Batman flick is set to come out July 20, 2012. It’ll be starring some…

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