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Happy Birthday Drew Barrymore!

Happy Birthday Drew from Starzuncut! Wishing you another successful…

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Drew Barrymore Engaged To Will Kopelman

Drew Barrymore is getting engaged to boyfriend of one year Will Kopelman. This will be Drew’s fifth time getting engaged!! The four guys prior were Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green, Leland Heyward, Jamie Walters, and now Will. He seems like a good…

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Drew Barrymore’s Halloween Party Broken Up By Cops


Hey StarzUncut, Looks like Drew Barrymore really knows how to throw a great party, as you can see her drinking the night away in these pictures!!! She was having a Halloween party at her house when the cops showed up! Just after midnight…

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Drew Barrymore Directing Again

Drew Barrymore is back in action as a director and producer! She’ll be working on a thriller called “Heist Society,” and will be based on the Ally Carter novels. It looks like this film will involve a girl who deals with cat burglars and…

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Drew Barrymore Getting Up Close And Personal

SPOTTED: Me and my girl Drew Barrymore getting up close and personal a couple years ago. We were talking all about her new movie at the time 50 First Dates she starred it with Adam Sandler. I told her its my fav so far, she was wonderful I could…

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