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‘Django Unchained’ Official Trailer Released!

‘Django Unchained’ trailer was finally released. I got excited when I heard the powerful lines delivered by great actors. Jamie Foxx stars as Django, the main protagonist along with Kerry Washington as Broomhilda, Django’s wife. The plot is…

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Jamie Foxx And Girl Caught In The Act

Here’s Jamie Foxx caught red-handed with a girl who is far from an angel. When ever I see him at parties he always is surrounded by beautiful women and partying like there is no tomorrow. I can’t say that I blame him but isn’t it time to settle…

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Girl Sharing A Kiss With Jamie Foxx

This girl may be more than a fan of Jamie Foxx, here they are sharing a special moment together. It may not be official but I’m pretty sure they have something going on…. what’s your opinion? I think that shirt goes well with those…

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