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New Trailer For The Bourne Legacy

The new trailer for The Bourne Legacy was just released today and WOW, it looks badass! Jeremy Renner is replacing Matt Damon and will be starring as the new hero Aaron Cross. Renner is the perfect replacement, in fact there probably…

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Renner to be Re-Bourne

Reports have surfaced that link Jeremy Renner to The Bourne Legacy, a spin-off of the series made famous by Matt Damon. The talented actor was nominated for his stellar performances in both The Hurt Locker and the Ben Affleck directed, The…

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Photo Of Jeremy Renner From The Hurt Locker

I was chillin at a club in Vegas last summer when I ran into the one and only Jeremy Renner. At first I didn’t know who it was, but he looked very familiar… then it hit me that he was the dude in the movie Hurt Locker! He played a total badass…

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