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Jim Carrey’s New Girlfriend Revealed As Make-Up Artist Cathriona White


The mystery surrounding the unknown girl Jim Carrey had previously been spotted with enjoying the day at the beach has been solved. The beautiful brunette that the funny man has recently taken a liking to is Cathriona White, an Irish make-up…

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Jim Carrey Backs Out Of Dumb And Dumber Sequel


Nooooo! We’re totally bummed on this one, Jim Carrey just backed out of his role on the Dumb and Dumber sequel. Aparantly New Line and Warner Bros. weren’t showing enough interest and Carrey didn’t like the way things were heading. Jim is really…

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Jim Carrey’s Madly In Love With Emma Stone

Starz It looks like Emma Stone is good at attracting the comedy! Jim Carrey just made a video for Emma, saying that he’s pretty much inlove with her. Here’s all the juicy details on what he said:…

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Jim Carrey Office Bound!

It has been announced that Jim Carrey will join the slew of guest stars set to appear in The Office finale. As Steve Carell says goodbye to the series, such stars as Will Ferrell (who has already appeared in two episodes) and Ray Romano are…

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