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Justin Bieber High On Marijuana?


USER SUBMISSION: Justin Bieber looks high as a kite in this video! It doesn’t take a marijuana expert to realize he’s stoned off his ass. I remember my first time smoking weed and I couldn’t stop laughing either, but I also didn’t go posting it on…

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Justin Bieber Rocks His New Tattoo


First off to all you haters, if you don’t like Justin Bieber’s new tattoo no body cares. This tattoo is something special to Justin and means a lot, so please stop with all the hate. There is nothing you can say to make this tat disappear! It’s…

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Justin Bieber Posts Old School Soccer Pic on Instagram Account


Justin Bieber shared a picture of himself as a young boy posing in his soccer uniform with his Instagram followers earlier today. In it, he’s sporting a bleached buzz cut, holding a soccer ball twice the size of his head writing… “Wow why did I…

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A Convicted Killer Allegedly Plotted To Have Justin Bieber Murdered And Castrated


Convicted murderer Dana Martin who is currently incarcerated serving two life sentences for brutally killing a 15-year-old girl was just busted for planing to kill Justin Bieber. Martin was planing to have a fellow inmate named Mark Staake…

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Justin Bieber Posts Photo of Himself Shirtless and Working Out


Here we are on the day after Thanksgiving, and it looks like all the Beliebers out there have one more thing to be thankful for. The Biebs posted a photo today showing of his six pack abs while…

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Bieber Pulled Over in West Hollywood by Police Today, What’s Next?!?!


After breaking up with his girl, Selena Gomez, in favor of hanging out with his new friend Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, Justin Bieber capped off his…

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Justin Bieber Poses Shirtless At A Dance Rehearsal


StarzUncut Fan: Justin Bieber posted a shirtless photo with his underwear hanging out on his twitter account today of him and his…

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Justin Bieber Sex Toy Blow Up Doll… Hit’s The Market


StarzUncut Fan: The Justin Bieber blow up doll just hit the market, although its a bit disturbing I can still see them flying off the shelves. It’s unclear if this Bieber blow up doll is targeted towards other gay men?!?! The front of the box…

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Justin Bieber My Balls


Here’s Justin Bieber and a fan wearing a Bieber my Balls t-shirt. What’s the meaning of the Bieber my Balls movement you might ask? Your guess is as good as ours! As you can tell from the photo, Justin really got a kick out of the guy’s…

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Are We In Store For A Bieber Sex Tape???


Justin Beiber has been having a tough time lately, not only throwing up while on stage during his “Believe” tour’s kickoff show, but the pop superstar has also recently had his laptop and camera stolen on Tuesday night. The Biebs tweeted the…

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