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Topless Photos Of Kate Middleton Released!


As promised, the pictures of Kate Middleton without her bikini top were published today in the French magazine Closer. There are an abundance of different pictures of Kate bare chested, so take a minute and bask in all their glory… because…

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Kate Middleton Caught Topless At The Pool While On Vacation!!


In the wake of Prince Harry’s recent Las Vegas scandal, Kate Middleton now finds herself in an equally compromising position. While vacationing with Prince William in France, the Dutchess of Cambridge was caught poolside showing…

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Kelly Osbourne Slams Kate Middleton

Wow Kelly Osbourne is just Ms. Mouth these days. She’s been defensive about Christina Aguilera, her ex-boyfriend, and someone on Twitter (although that was in regards to Amy Winehouse’s death so that’s more excusable). But now she’s lashing at…

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Congratulations To Prince William And Kate!

Prince William and Kate Middleton were wed this morning at the Westminister Abbey and an estimated 2 billion people from all over the world tuned in to watched. The two lovers attended a private luncheon after the wedding hosted by Queen…

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