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Lady Gaga Poses Topless In Outtakes Of Mariano Vivanco’s Photoshoot


New topless photos of Lady Gaga hit the web today, where the pop superstar can be seen showing off her petite figure in these Mariano Vivanco photos. As usual, Gaga is wearing some off-the-wall accessories and wild shoes, but as far as the rest…

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Lady Gaga Strikes A Pose For Photographer Mariano Vivanco


Here’s Lady Gaga in her most recent photoshoot with famous photographer Mariano Vivanco where she appears topless wearing a…

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Lady Gaga Gets Intimate With A Birthday Cake


Lady Gaga gets real intimate with a cake on the set of Terry Richardson’s photo shoot, preforming sexual gestures while slipping and sliding on the floor. Other scenes include Gaga getting it on with two other girls in the bathtub while bumping…

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Lady Gaga Stars In Terry Richardson’s Racy XX Cake Video


Here is the latest creation from Terry Richardson in the form of a provocative Lady Gaga clip. We’re not sure exactly what they’re goin’ for… but it…

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Lady Gaga’s Halloween Costume – The Marijuana Queen


What is Lady Gaga’s Halloween costume this year??? Well it appears she’s dressing up as some sort of Marijuana Queen. Check out her gold crown, complete with pot leaves and everything. Lady Gaga openly expresses her…

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Lady Gaga Goes Topless For Terry Richardson Photoshoot


Thanks to Terry Richardson we can officially see Lady Gaga’s nipple come out and play once again in this topless photoshoot. Here she is striking a pose with Italian fashion designer Donatella in a bathroom while the man the legend Terry Richardson…

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Lady Gaga Perched On Her Throne… For Latest Photoshoot


StarzUncut.com got a hold of Lady Gaga perched on her throne in what would normally be a private moment for the superstar. In this invasive photo, Lady Gaga can be seen squeezing out her own little monster. Maybe this sounds a little raunchy, but…

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New Lady Gaga Song Leaked On Internet Today!


It looks like Lady Gaga is trying her hand at hip hop now, with a new song she recently recorded with DJ White Shadow hitting the web. The song is called “Cake Like.” We gave it a listen and, well… She should probably stick to what’s been…

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Lady Gaga Lights Up The Stage… And A Joint In Amsterdam Last Night


Lady Gaga was recently in Amsterdam for the Born This Way Ball tour and decided that she would take a brief break from the show to sample some of the famous…

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Lady Gaga Gets A New Tattoo… On The Back Of Her Head!


Lady Gaga got a new tattoo yesterday and StarzUncut.com obtained some pictures of the photo shoot she did with Terry Richardson. Gaga apparently got the tattoo in tribute to Richardson’s late mother. Here are some of the pictures they took…

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