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Lil Wayne Disses Miami Heat… I Had Sex With Chris Bosh’s Wife


Lil Wayne Disses the NBA & Miami Heat, oh and let’s not forget about Chris Bosh’s wife… yes he went their. Weezy took the opportunity to blow off some steam towards the Miami Heat organization last night when he took the stage in Houston….

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Lil Wayne Gets The Words Baked Tattooed On His Forehead


Just when you think there is no more space for Lil Wayne to get another tattoo on his body, he surprises us all and gets “Baked” in big letters across his…

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Nicki Minaj Bailed On Hot 97′s Jam Concert!

Yes, Nicki Minaj bailed on Hot 97′s concert jam! Thanks to that DJ who called Nicki’s Starship “f*cking b*llsh*t.” Of course, it is disrespectful! A DJ should never voice out his personal opinions on air especially if it can affect other…

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Lil Wayne Gettin Blunted in The Club


Here is a picture of rapper Lil Wayne not given a f**k and breaking his probation violation getting straight up blunted in da club. Only Lil Weezy can get away with getting crunk and puffin on a blunt in the middle of the club. You can tell by…

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