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Vanessa Hudgens Stripping In New Movie “Frozen Ground”


The new preview for the movie “Frozen Ground” has just been released and is starring Vanessa Hudgens who plays a pole…

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Nicolas Out Of The “Cage” Because Of A Dog

Have you ever been so low that you sought the aid of a TV bounty hunter? We didn’t think so. Dog the “That’s still on the air?“ Bounty Hunter has bailed Nic “we don’t care” Cage out of jail. It’s pretty clear that Dog has not…

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Nic Cage Arrested!

Here we go again. Avid law breaker Nicolas Cage was arrested last night for domestic abuse. The action star is known for illegally avoiding taxes and starring in notoriously bad movies. Now he can add wife-beater to the list. The incident…

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Me And a Young Nicolas Cage

Here’s an ancient pic of me and movie star Nicolas Cage. I met him when I worked for the airline company…. along with a bunch of other celebrities. It was always nice meeting famous people at work, although not all celebs were that friendly….

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