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Rihanna Hooks Up Barbados Hospital By Donating $1.75 million


Rihanna recently donated a whopping $1.75 million to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital located in her native Barbados, StarzUncut.com reports. The superstar donated the money in memory of her late grandmother Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite. Rihanna’s…

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Sizzling Rihanna Obsession Of The Year Video To New GQ Shoot


Rihanna released her spread for her GQ shoot last week and the pics were absolutely delightful. Today GQ was so nice to have graced us with some footage of…

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Rihanna Nude Album Pic Just Got Leaked!!!!


Nude photos of superstar Rihanna have hit the world wide web today, and StarzUncut.com has obtained the uncensored version of said picture. Rihanna had posed nude for the cover of her new…

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Rihanna Poses Butt Naked On The Cover Of GQ Magazine


The pop superstar Rihanna took to twitter today to celebrate her recent GQ cover shoot, which is set to appear on GQ’s upcoming issue. In the photo, Rihanna can be seen in the buff, wearing nothing but a cropped leather jacket that is draped over…

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Rihanna Dressed Up As Mary Jane For Halloween


It looks like stoner related Halloween Costumes were quite popular with celebrities this year. Last night we showed you Lady Gaga’s Marijuana Queen costume… now we have pics of Rihanna dressed as…

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Rihanna Smoking A Fat Blunt In Bed While Looking Sexy As Usual


So Rihanna smokes weed. We all know that by now. And Rihanna is hot. Yup. So what is this story even about? Well we came across this picture of Rihanna sprawled out on her bed in a sexy red dress puffin’ on a fatty… And well… that’s the…

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Rihanna Gets Some Girl On Girl Action At The Strip Club


Yesterday was a popular day at the strip club for celebrities. First TPain and Ke$ha randomly ran into each other at a club in LA, both loaded with a wad of cash and ready to make it rain. Then later in the night Rihanna hit up a local joint to…

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Fan Gets Tattoo Of Rihanna On Her Arm


StarzUncut Fan: OMG, some person got a tattoo of Rihanna and they got it right on their arm! I love tattoos and I’m also a big fan of Rihanna… although I don’t think I would ever put her face on my arm lol. I know it probably isn’t finished…

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Rihanna Goes Topless For UK Esquire Photo Shoot

Rihanna did the cover and a spread in this months UK Esquire magazine. Riri is still rocking the blonde hair and is looking super hot in this racy photo shoot! She is wearing a see through bra with a…

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Rihanna Goes Topless In New Photo Shoot To Promote “Nude” Fragrance

Rihanna posed topless in new blonde hair promoting her perfume fragrance “Nude.” Rihanna is known for not being shy when it comes to getting attention, in this photo shoot it was…

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