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Drake is Tyra Banks’ New Boyfriend?

Fan Submission: Tyra Banks went out with Drake on a Disneyland date? These two definitely had a great time with each other’s company! I saw Tyra laughing out loud and enjoying…

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She Did It! Tyra Banks Graduated From Harvard!

Tyra Banks graduated from Harvard on Thursday with a degree from the Owner/President Manager Program.. She is so proud and happy that she made it! She Tweeted some of her graduation pics to show the world that she is now an Ivy League…

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Pic Of The Sexy Tyra Banks

SPOTTED: The Sexy model Tyra Banks and me catching the breeze. This was already some time ago. She was all about my tatts, asking me all about them like what are they and when did I get them. We talked for a good 30 minutes before she said she had…

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