Born in 1944, the real name of Jeff Wald is Jeffrey Sommers. He comes from the world-famous William Morris Agency Mailroom. The institute was instrumental in the productions of stars of Hollywood like Barry Diller, David Geffen, Ron Mayer to name a few of them. He is a producer by profession. To know more about Jeff Wald Net Worth read this article.

In partnership with Ron De Blasio, he formed their own company. Let us know more about him through this article.

Who Did Jeff Wald Produce?

Jeff Wald is the well-known producer of some award-winning movies. This person had produced over 2000 hours of content in the television industry. He had produced a lot of content like miniseries, game shows, talk shows, variety specials.

We have made a list of the important movies and series that have been produced by Jeff Wald. You can have a look at them in the following bullet points.

  • Wings of Gold
  • Donna Summer
  • Contender
  • Latin Nights
  • Pensacola

These were some of the movies produced by Jeff Wald.

A Peep Into Jeff Wald’s Personal Life

Here we are giving you a peep into Jeff Wald’s private life. Let us first know that Who is Jeff Wald married to? Jeff Wald was married to Helen Reddy till year 1988. He then chose Candy Clark as his life partner.

Did Helen Reddy and Jeff Wald stay together? No, they do not stay together as they got divorced in the year 1983.


Did Jeff Wald Manage Deep Purple?

Yes, Jeff Wald did manage Deep Purple. Do you know what Deep Purple is? Deep Purple is an English Band. This brand is the pioneer of heavy metal music. It is a rock band. It was formed in London and Hertford in the year 1968.

Who Did Jeff Wald Represent?

After reading all these you might have a question coming to your mind that Who did Jeff Wald represent? Do not worry, we have got the answer for you.

We have made a list of the famous celebrities and organizations like bands that he used to represent in the points that follow.

  • George Carlin
  • Crosby Still
  • Donna Summer
  • Sylverster Stallone
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Hellen Reddy
  • Deep Purple
  • Oscar Brown Junior
  • Miles Davis
  • James Brolin
  • Chicago
  • Tom Skerrit

Personal Details: A look Into Jeff Wald’s Height And Age

Do you want to know about the personal details of Jeff Wald? Jeff Wald’s height, age are something of which you must have an idea while you are trying to know him as a person.

Age77 years

All About Helen Reddy

We know you have any questions about the first person with whom Jeff Wald had decided to spend his life. She is Helen Reddy. Let us try to know more about her.

Did Helen Reddy die broke? To answer this question of yours we must say that Helen Reddy’s net worth was about $3 million dollars at the time when she had died.

Did Helen Reddy lose a child? Both of the children of Helen Reddy namely, Tracy Donut and Jordan Somas were alive at the time of her death. This proves wrong all the rumors about her children’s death.

All About Helen Reddy
All About Helen Reddy

Jeff Wald And Rocky

Did Jeff Wald make rocky? Jeff Wald was the manager of Sylvester Stallone who incidentally was the producer of Rocky. So, as a manager, Jeff Wald did help in the making of Rocky. It is a franchise of American media.

Jeff Wald Work Market

Jeff Wald was a talent buyer for Mr. Kelly’s. After he had moved to the city of Los Angeles he used to work as a member of the management company that is known to all by the name of Silver Cosby.

He had been the manager of several celebrities. He was also the producer of some movies that have bragged many awards and appreciations from the audience.

Jeff Wald Family

Knowing a person is incomplete without knowing about his family. Jeff Wald was married to Hellen Reddy primarily. Then he chose Candy Clerk as his partner for his entire life. But they also got divorced. His only child is Jordan Sommers.

Jeff Wald Background

Jeff Wald began his career as a manager in the early 1960s. He had managed various artists like Peter Allen, James Brolin. He is also the producer of several movies. He had also produced many series in the television industry.

jeff wald net worth
jeff wald net worth

Zooming Into The Zodiac

Jeff Wald Zodiac sign is Virgo.

Jeff Wald Net Worth

The net worth of Jeff Wald is $1.1 million dollars.


We have seen Jeff Wald create a world in Jeff Wald Entrepreneur.  Jeff Wald’s career is a highly successful one. He serves as an inspiration for all aspiring producers and young talents. To summarize, we have tried to present a biography of Jeff Wald.

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