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Just9n – Global Offensive Player Turned Twitch Streamer: Social Life, And Net Worth

When people think of gaming, their minds don’t rival on actual battlefields and green grounds. They are reigned by the digital world of video games. Twitch is one such arena that lets gamers around the world showcase their stealth and skills in a pixelated form of characters. Among the many twitch streamers arising in fame and popularity, playing for their fans, just9n is one of the epic professionals and the most popular twitch player on the platform.

Known globally as a Twitch streamer, Just9n works on putting out his streams full-time and is a great influencer in the twitch community.

But there is more to him than the world of digital battlefields. Let’s look at the facade of Just9n beyond the profile of gaming.

Who Is Just9n?

Just9 is an American Gamer, who started his career in the professional Counter-Strike form. He was a globally known Offensive player who was active in his winnings at multiple championships. In 2017, After two years of gaming, he switched over to stream his gaming experience on twitch.

who is just9n
who is just9n

The time he devotes to his twitch streams is approximately 3 to 8 hours. He tries to satisfy his followers by signing in twice every day.

Just9n Background

All gamers have an identity inside the digital world and outside of it. Let’s look past the twitch side of our streamer and know more about him.

What Is His Real Name?

The identity formed by the name ”Just9n”, was his idea of marking his presence as a player.His rel name is JustinOrtiz. He didn’t want to modify his real self altogether, and stuck to his actual name, only changing the “i” with a 9, denoting the 9th letter of the alphabet.

How Old Is Just9n?

Born in 1992, the 28-year-old streamer has his birthday on the 14th of October, Halloween month!

Where Is Just9n From?

A pure American, Just9n was born and brought up in Orange County, in the state of California. He had a beloved family growing up. Tragedy struck in as his father passed away a while back. However, His mother has been with him as his constant support and is the closest to him.

Are Just9n And Shroud Still Friends?

Shroud, originally named Michael Grzesiek, is a Canadian youtube star, known for his twitch streaming. Like Just9n, he also began his journey in the gaming platform as a Counter-Strike pro. They shared similar interests and became well-known friends in the gaming community.

Shroud moved in with Just9n, and they filmed their streams as a group player session quite frequently. However, their roommate life was short-lived, when 2 years ago Just9n moved in with LURN, another streamer on youtube. Shroud and Just9n still keep in contact and arrange sessions together seldom, nowadays.

Justin and Shroud’s epic Duo circled around their famous PubG Tournaments as Twitch rivals. They have had several tournaments that fans love to visit on youtube still today.

Who Does Just9n’s Current Friends?

Just9n now streams with other gamers on youtube and twitch, like skadoodle and bnans in multiplayer games like AMONG US. Previously, Just9n was part of the fan favorite famous four group along with Chad , Shroud, and chocolate. They streamed many games and scored kills together on youtube.

Love Life And Dating

just9n girlfriend
just9n girlfriend

Who Is Just9n’s Girlfriend?

A frequent question among his fans, Just9n is currently single and living his life happily amidst the support of his fans and gaming. However, previously, he dated the famous youtube video streamer, LURN.

They were in a relationship for two whole years, going on and off, before calling it quits recently. Their relationship is amicable and quite healthy.

Are Shroud And Bnans Still Dating?

Just9n’s long-time friend Shroud has his own dating life. He is currently active in his very endearing relationship with Hannah BNans Kennedy, also known as “Bnans”. During a casual Livestream around April 2019, they revealed their love life to their fans.

However, the couple was still pretty hand in hand before their announcement. They were co-streamers in many games. Their relationship was cherished by fans all over twitch and Reddit.

Just9n’s Career And Net Worth

How Much Does Just9n Earn?

With a stellar former playing career as the Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Just9n already gained much fame and popularity, However, his entry to Twitch in 2017 changed his life completely, for the better.

With over 400,000 subscribers on Twitch Platform, his name appears first in one of the richest Twitch stars. Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider records His earning, so far in the community to be $1.5 Million.

He has an additional source of income from the tips, cheers, sponsorships, and tournament winnings he gets throughout his online streaming career.

He lives in a house he owns, in California, USA.

Is Justin On Steam?

Just9n is a full-time streamer and the most popular twitch player in recent times, and so has a profile of his own, up on the steam community. As of August 2021, his account is constantly updated by comments from his fans, appreciating his streams and sharing humorous remarks.

just9n twich
just9n steam

The steam platform shows his range of fan following from all over the world.

Who Did Just9n Play For?

Jus9n was a Global offensive pro for several months and hence played for a lot of teams over time. Currently, as a tech streamer, he is a member of Muffin Lightning, along with 8 other members.

Their gross net worth is a total of $3000. They have a win rate of 30%. Previously, he also played for teams like Pnga Gaming, Team SoloMid, and more.

Just9n’s Games And Tournaments

What Games Does Jus9n Play?

The twitch Rival PubG Tournaments always have Just9n as their ultimate player. He teams up, and rivals a lot of other twitch streamers, and has won championships.

As of now, Justin is streaming Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for his 400k subscribers on Twitch.

How Many Tournaments Has He Won?

As a Valorant player , Just9n has also taken part in tournaments on Call of Duty and Apex Legends. He has a high ranking in levels for most of them. Out of the 24 tournaments he has taken part of, he has earned a total of $ 48,825.24.

just9n real name
just9n real name

How High Does Just9n Rank?

Just9n has a state ranking of #643 in the US. He comes up as the top 5,000 player around the whole world, with a ranking of #3256.

Social Media Of Just9n

Just9n is highly active on the dominant gaming platforms of twitch, steam, and YouTube. He is also an avid user of social media, in apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

  • His Twitch currently has 432K followers.
  • His YouTube subscriber count rises up to 52K followers.
  • His Steam account has a total of 1070 comments from fans
  • He is famous in Instagram with a total follower count of 58.2k.
  • He is also pretty active on Twitter, with a follower count of 88.9K.

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