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Quackity’s Age, Family, Instagram, And Girlfriend

Alexis is a Mexican Minecraft streamer best known as Quackity. He caught fame for his eccentric TWITCH raids and humorous cut-out videos on YouTube.In this article, we will know about quackity age his personal life and etc.

The full name of Quackity has never been revealed, we either know him with the first name of Alex or several other self-acquired usernames on his channel.

He contributed to creating content for Dream’s Minecraft Survival-Multiplayer (“SMP”) which exhibited a horn storm as QuackityHQ garners international attention amidst his American Consumers.

What Is The Age Of Quackity In 2021?

Quackity having Spanish roots is a 20-year-old guy being born on 28th December 2021. So, he is soon to turn 21 within the next three months as per his birthday graph.

quackity age
quackity age

Where Does Quackity Live?

It is claimed that he lives in Mexico but he never denied or confirmed the news. The location from where he shoots his videos are however not traced. The interiors of his room have a Scandinavian setup but it’s hard to navigate locations implicitly from the room’s color palette.

Is Quackity A College Student?

Not much has been known about Quackity’s qualification. It is learned that he owns a high school degree. He is also alleged to be enrolled at the Law school of Mexico.

Since not much information about his academic pursuit is made available. He never talks about his college life and peers online.

Quackity’s Family Background?

Quackity was born to a middle working-class Christian couple in Mexico City. It is very little to no information found on the internet about his family and bloodline. Henceforth, the names of his parents are unknown.

Quackity’s Zodiac Sign

Being a December born Quackity’s zodiac sign is of a Capricorn. No wonder his goal-oriented, competitive nature to raid the online gamers substantiates that.

Quackity’s Instagram Handles In 2021?

Quackity’s IG followers statistic shows his account to have 2.9 million followers with a 26.17% engagement rate. His Instagram stories are sensible, comic, and engaging.

Quackity’s Youtube In 2021?

Quackity’s ‘YouTube’ channel hosts several of his streams, of which many have garnered views for millions. Currently, he has 802k subscriptions on his channel and an actively average view of 210,215 daily. Most of his earning are reported to have come from YouTube.

who is quackity
quackity age

Quackity’s Height?

He looks like a decent GenZ boy with the perfect Bob and Beautiful cheekbones. But the internet has been dominated with a question for quite some time now. “How tall is Quackity”?

He stands a height of 162.5 cm tall with a bodyweight of 132 pounds.

Although several users once believed him to be 5 feet, he has later confirmed in numerous streams that he is 5 ft 8ninches tall.

Quackityhd’s Relationship Status And Girlfriend.

Quackity seems to be an extremely secretive and private individual on social media. However, most of the YouTubers have had an exposed life but Quackity does live up to maintaining a clandestine life away from the scandals.

His social media posts have been pretty clean so far. Therefore, we barely have found traces of his girlfriend. We believe him to be single currently and is searching for the love of his life.

Quackity’s Merchandise

Quackity launched his personal merchandise last year, making high-quality handcrafted merch that is only sold at the online website of Quackity.shop under the brand name of @Planet Duck

Quackity has been noticed collaborating with creators, like Olajide Olatunji Jr ‘KSI’ and Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, when he isn’t streaming with those on the private survival-multiplayer server such as Tommy “Tommy Innit” Simons, Nick “Sapnap,” Karl Jacobs and more.

What Acquired Quackity Fame?

Why is Quackity famous? His viewers may often find an electrical keyboard in the background at most of his streams. What does Quackity do? He plays it every time before starting his videos. Although his musical taste has a versatile edge, rather than being restricted to playing the electric keyboard and creative digital beats in his blogs.

He plays amazing guitar, as showcased in his music video for Fandoms stuck. As compared to Quackity’s age we can call him a multi-tasker.

Quackity’s Twitter Handle In 2021?

Quackity had an active Twitter account with 3.5million followers. But what happened to his Twitter account in 2018?

Previously from September to November in 2018, he had an account named “grandma bertha” which got banned for reasons unknown. The account by the name still exists but got inactive after that year.

Alexis Quackity
quackity age

His ‘Twitch’ account has over 173 thousand followers now that too has faced bans.

Why Did Quackity Get Banned?

Obviously for most of the YouTubers of Quackity’s age the primary consumers are GenZ. He never intentionally streamed blue content that would lead to a copyright issue on his channel. Quackity’s channel was not banned on the internet for a brief period.

In a video titled “How not to stream on Social Media” Quackity briefly spoke on his experience.

On a live stream, while raiding Roblex, he attempted to increase his reach for Canadian Roblox Customer Support and relentlessly called up one of the numbers given to him in his stream chatbox.

The number ended up being spam for a strip club. YouTube algorithms detected an automated message from the strip club being explicitly played on his stream and resulted in a twenty-four-hour suspension.

Why Did Quackity Got Banned From Discord?

Quackity’s unbanhastag# trends have been dominant on Twitter. But why is he so frequent to get banned across time.

He was claimed to be banned from the discord service app on unfair grounds due to the bias of a moderator. The moderator in question was from the same Discord server that Alex made a video on a few months prior.

Provided Alex’s age, his entire career depends on these videos and the moderator’s agenda came in between the way of an openhanded platform and him.

Is Quackity Censored On Roblox?

Yes. The word “Quackity” is completely censored in Roblox. If users attempt to search with any keywords like Quackity, it automatically pops up to be censored as any other explicit language would be.

Weirdly, he has been banned and reported so many times that his name gets in the suggestion list of hashtag symbols.

But you might have the question that why other creators of Quackity’s age are not banned but him?

quackity minecraft server
quackity minecraft server

If you are acquainted, Quackity’s on-stream raids are hilarious for those partaking in the raid. But this level of reach might fence threat for developers and admins of the online games who meet unfavorable tips.

To stake operate their consumers, these admins took abundance measures to ensure most of his raids turn unsuccessful.

Several anti-raids measures were implemented (that are still down to date) which have led to the word ‘Quackity’ being completely censored in Roblox.


No wonder for bizarre reasons he often gets banned from social media platforms. We all know Alex is funny and challenging on many levels so might be his conventional content is offensive towards the system.

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