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Who Is stronger: Naruto Luffy Or Ichigo? 

Naruto is stronger than Ichigo and can destroy the moon with his prowess. Luffy is powerful and also near Naruto. However, Ichigo is a hybrid and can give a good fight.

Naruto vs Ichigo: Who Would Win In The Battle

Who is stronger Ichigo or naruto? Naruto will win if any battle takes place between Naruto and Ichigo. The reason is that he has various kinds of skills and prowess to overcome any attacks posed by Ichigo.

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Naruto Uzumaki In Naruto

He is the major protagonist of the Naruto anime. Naruto Uzumaki was born to Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze ( the 4th Hokage of the Konohagakure village).

Once the Nine-Tailed beast is unleashed, his life takes a big turn, and it wreaks havoc in the village at that time.

A considerable effort was made by Minato to stop the beast, but he couldn’t resist the beast sealing in Naruto’s body. As a result, Naruto became the new holder of the Nine Tails.

Later, Kushina and Minato died at the age of Naruto.

In the village where he grew up, he got help from the villagers. But he was often looked down upon because he held the beast that tried to finish the village.

That’s why the Third Hokage asked them to not discuss any earlier words with Naruto.

He was then a young boy who wanted them to acknowledge him. Thus, he will get the confidence to prank and make fun of them for their friendly behavior.

But suddenly, he knew of the past story and his powers. After learning these, he wants to join the Ninja Academy to be a professional shinobi.

When he went to the academy, he met Hinata Hyuga and Sasuke Uchiha. Although they later became his rival in the anime, they maintained a great relationship.

It starts with how he wanted to be a strong ninja and impress people with his abilities.

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Ichigo Kurosaki In Bleach

He, the major protagonist of the Bleach anime series, is a teenager who can see spirits. Once Rukia Kuchiki is accused of false crimes, Ichigo becomes a substitute Shinigami or Soul Reaper, and he gets all powers of Rukia to be her substitute.

This teenager comes in peachy skin color and brown eyes. His spiky and orange-colored hair makes him unique. He used to wear tight-fitting clothes. While in spiritual form, he changed his attire.

He was very loving to his mother and loved to spend time with her. Besides, he loved to keep his mother and sister protected from danger. That’s why he began learning martial arts. Although he was in trouble, he had been protecting his lovable people.

But he has a serious attitude and a short temper. However, he was an excellent student, determined always to win any fight. Regarding battles, he wants a fair game for everyone. He has huge prowess that is impressive and worth discussing.

Naruto Uzumaki Strength And Abilities 

who is stronger ichigo or naruto

He was a weak student initially in the academy and could not complete graduation a few times. But suddenly, he started taking his career more seriously by encouraging himself.

Once he defeated powerful ninjas, he became very famous. In different battles, he started gaining acknowledgment when he participated in battles for his village and won them for the villagers.

The orange, glowing chakra was the iconic power that could be reserved in vast amounts by him. Besides, he can reserve his chakra for more than three days without exhaustion.

Later, he controlled his chakra powers and transferred them to others while required. In addition, he can perform chakra seals using one hand only.

He performed jinchuuriki transformations by reuniting Kurama’s Yin half and his Yan half. As a result, he transformed himself into a glowing orange fox.

While transforming himself, he could use a lot of chakras than he usually could. Nine-Tails chakra mode and Tailed Beast Mode are a few of the types he used to transform himself.

With his Nine-Tails powers, Naruto could make clones of himself, known as the Shadow Clone Technique. When he used his chakra reserves, he could generate more than a hundred shadow clones of himself.

Besides, he could also use Nature Transformation like the Wind Release. He became well-skilled in the Six Paths Senjutsu, eventually enabling him to fly and use all five basic nature powers.

He has plenty of powers, because of which he became the Seventh Hokage of his village. In addition, he used to be one of the greatest shinobis of all time. Therefore, it can be concluded that he wasn’t a weak opponent and could take out anyone with his powers.

Ichigo Kurosaki Strength And Abilities

who is stronger ichigo or naruto

He took an interest in martial arts as a kid. In addition, he used to practice it solely to secure his sister and mother. After some time, he mastered it excellently.

Besides, his stamina and reflexes increased during combat. As a result, he could punch, kick, and attack his opponents.

He was a unique student who passed his school with above-average grades. Besides, he got excellent analytical skills that were lucrative in his academics.

In addition, he was a perfect planner because he could handle his opponents tactically. Moreover, he learned sword fighting, where he had excellent knowledge, and he could wield the sword in style. Furthermore, he fought with many sword masters.

Ichigo was a master in the spiritual field. He could see spiritual beings since he was a kid, and his senses improved later when he became a Shinigami.

While he is in his spiritual form, he has major powers like Reiatsu. The immense power helps him to fight professional Shinigamis without feeling exhausted.

But he couldn’t control his spiritual energy level. As a result, most energy leaks out of his body. While in shinigami form, he has high physical strength.

During the form, he can even handle countless attacks without any injury. But all the powers and abilities are available while he is in the form. If he is in human form, he can’t fight against anyone and would lose undoubtedly.

Therefore, he is strong only while in his shinigami form.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who would win Naruto or Bleach?

Who is stronger Ichigo or naruto? Both Naruto and Ichigo are cool heroes in their respective universes. They have immense abilities too.

But if you want to know who would win, the answer will be Naruto. He would win in a battle against Ichigo as he has a lot of powers and techniques than Ichigo does.

2. Is Naruto better than bleach?

Naruto is strong overall. But bleach may have better characters, soundtrack, and animation.

3. Does Ichigo clap Naruto?

Yes, Ichigo claps Naruto.

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