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Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair?

Naruto cut his hair because he wanted to make himself different in look from his father. It helps to emphasize the differences and make himself unique rather than his father’s son.

Suppose you are one of the fans invested in a fictional character. In that case, the character might face multiple scrutinies when he is not consistently presented in a way that complements how he was first introduced, mainly in coming-of-age stories following the character’s physical development from birth to adulthood.

When it comes to the anime world, hairstyles and facial expressions are some major aspects to consider in the overall visual aesthetic. As a fan, you must not want to see any visual change in your favorite character, and Naruto’s character is one of them. It is an outgoing anime character in history.

Naruto’s spiky blond hair became very famous for his personality. Although the look did not hurt as it was visually exciting, it was reminiscent of Naruto’s father.

Minato Namikaze, who is the fourth Hokage, is his father. Multiple fans have seen Naruto’s signature hairstyle, and they wanted to see Naruto don while growing up with it throughout the Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden series.

Masashi Kishimoto is the writer of this Japanese manga series, and he also illustrated it. The main focus of the manga series is Naruto Uzumaki. He is a young Ninja willing to have identification from his peers. In addition, he wants to be the Hokage, the leader of his village.

The story behind the series is held in two parts— the first revolves around Naruto’s pre-teen years, whereas the second displays while he is in his teen ages. It depends on two One-shot manga by Kishimoto Karakuri(1995).

The series has gained huge fame for its twist and storyline. If you want to know why did Naruto cut his hair, no correct answer is there now. Its fans have proposed multiple theories, and it is the reason for the same.

As a fan, you must see an older Naruto with a very different look in The Last: Naruto the Movie. The spiky locks have distinguished him from everyone else, and he was offered a “buzz cut,” appearing short and plain.

Fans of the series complained about his new look instantly. But the hairstyle won’t change because he has sported it through most of his son Boruto’s series. But still, the question remains why did Naruto cut his hair?

You can find multiple theories on it, as we have told earlier. He is getting older, and it is one of the reasons also. Now, he is married with two growing kids, and one of these kids is helpful as he was as a kid.

Therefore, it will not be a complete surprise if he starts balding. His hairstyle shows Naruto’s maturity because keeping a shortcut indicates an adult.

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Possible reasons why naruto cut his hair

Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair

The show’s creators decided to cut the hair of the main character for many reasons. These are some of them listed here:

  • Flexible Animation

The show’s creators may want an easy animation because they have cut Naruto’s hair, and the trick has worked. Besides, the animators can adjust animation dynamics by drawing shorter hair with more flexibility.

  • Character Development

People believe that if you cut hair, it helps to change the personality and character development. However, it is considered if it happens in a newer life. Creators of the show may want to provide an edge to his character. Thus, you can end up cutting his hair short.

  • A Mature Look

Shirt hair offers a mature look with robustness. His character had changed many while all 220 episodes were broadcasted on display. He grew older, and therefore his responsibilities get increased also. As a result, a mature-looking animation was required. In this case, creators may think about changing the hairstyle.

  • Character Distinguish

Watching the plotline, you can see his desire to look different from his father. Minato Namikaze. They want to make him a person of his own and stress this difference by cutting his hair.

  • Hinata’s Suggestion

Hinata, the wife of Naruto, has suggested cutting his hair short. She may want a change in Naruto’s hair and therefore suggested the same.

Does the new Naruto hairstyle make him any unique?

Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair

His new look in short hair removed the mischief smile. Kishimoto thought about too much before giving him a look. You may not find making him look more mature. Previously, he planned to make Naruto’s hair look like the Shippuden characters.

Later he changed his mind. It is because he thought that his hair was not correct for a mature Naruto. Regarding contemporary modern culture, the short hairstyle is less attractive.

But it appears more professional. There were days when heroes used to have long hair and fight on the battlefield. But now, these are hardly seen. Animators cut Naruto’s hair and gave him a new hairstyle.

Each character comes with a distinct persona in the series. It becomes more natural for him to sport an appearance that will change when the time comes for him to get older. He used to be a thin-haired character earlier, which is one reason why he cut his hair slightly.

He was willing to draw attention to the differences by appearing different from his father, not his father’s son. It may happen that long hair will not fit into the Hokage hat, so he decided to cut it to fit inside. There are multiple motives which are why he has cut off his hair short.

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What is Naruto’s role in the manga series?

Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair

Why Did Naruto Change His Haircut? He is the prime character of the manga Naruto. Are you a beginner in the manga? Check these details.

When the series started, he was a young ninja from the fictional village of Konohagakure. They ridicule and ostracize him as the Nine-tailed demon fox, a harmful creature that attacked the village, and he leads the main role.

He is the main character of the series, whereas other characters are found stupid and simple. Kishimoto also gave him a dark side in the manga series as he included tragedy in other characters’ pasts.

He had changed the image multiple times. For example, he offered characters with different clothing styles. It is assumed that Kishimoto wished to appeal to western audiences. In addition, he also changed the storyline’s design for part 2.

frequently asked questions

1. Why did Naruto get his hair short?

He was indeed proud of his father. But he wanted to make his own path with his style. Thus, changing his appearance was a great way to do it.

2. When did Naruto get his haircut?

He cut his hair first in The Last: Naruto the Movie.

3. Why did Sasuke grow his hair out?

Compared to the hair of older Naruto, the hairstyle of Sasuke appeared longer to cover part of the character’s face. His hair covered his left eye as per the real concept.

4. Why did Hinata cut her hair in Boruto?

Hinata cut her hair to symbolize that her father, Hiashi Hyuga, had rejected her. It is usually done in ancient Asia, including Japan, China, Korea, etc.

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