Shark Encounter in LA with Robert Herjavec


Had an encounter with the “shark” himself Robert Herjavec in downtown LA this past weekend. He was with his son at LA Live eating at Wolfgang Puck before he worked the red carpet and later on presented at the 2013 American Music…

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SPOTTED: Mike Tyson Punches His Way Through Security At The Airport


USER SUBMISSION: Just saw Iron Mike Tyson at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and he is one scary looking dude. I was waiting in line at the security check point at LAX when iron Mike walked up. Nobody had the balls to pat down the champ let alone…

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UFC Fighter Ryan Bader Takes Down Cassidy’s Bar & Grill


USER SUBMISSION: “My boys and I went over to Cassidy’s Bar & Grill on the peninsula in Newport Beach this past weekend where we saw UFC fighter Ryan Bader. It was around noon when we had gotten there, after arriving we made our way over to…

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Floyd Mayweather Buys A Bugatti Veyron


Floyd Mayweather’s fleet of exotic cars never stops growing. His most recent purchase was this stunning white Bugatti Veyron which retails at over $1.6 million. That may seem like a lot of money for the average person, but not for the highest paid…

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Wiz Khalifa Cheating On Amber Rose With Instagram Model Sarah Duce


Wiz Khalifa better known as “MisterCap” on Instagram is being exposed for hitting on model Sara Duce also known as “sekhel_shine” via Instagram while married to Amber Rose with a newborn baby to add fuel to the fire. Over the past few weeks,…

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Vanessa Minnillo Drunk Licking Paris Hilton’s Leg… Fan Reports Possible Hook Up?


When there is alcohol in the mix with Paris Hilton and Vanessa Minnillo… you could always count on one crazy night once they get drunk, a starzuncut fan reports… Yo Check it starzuncut, we were straight up chillin in Cancun, Mexico with my home…

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Fan Gets A Tattoo Of Floyd Mayweather On His Entire Back


Talk about a dedicated fan base, today Floyd “Money” Mayweather posted this photo on his instagram account of a fan who got what looks to be a full back tattoo of none other than the young…

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Michael Phelps And Stacy Keibler Enjoy Playing Beer Pong In Mexico


Michael Phelps and Stacy Keibler are of to an early start this holiday season. Earlier today, Stacy tweeted this photo of her and the all-time most decorated Olympic champion Michael Phelps playing beer pong in Cabo San Lucas. Clooney is…

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Wilmer Valderrama Partying At The Fontainebleau Hotel In Miami Beach


Wilmer Valderrama was recently spotted at the luxurious Fontainebleau Hotel in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida. It was reported Wilmer was a very nice and sweet guy posing with all the ladies for photos and even busting out the Fez voice for a…

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Rapper Tyga Just Crashed His Brand New Lamborghini!


Rapper Tyga just crashed his Lamborghini Aventador this morning after owning it for not even a full month! The good news is that Tyga was wearing his seatbelt, because without it he may…

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