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In Which Episode Does Naruto And Kurama Become Friends?

In what episode does Naruto become friends with Kurama? They have become friends in Episode #321. The episode title is “Two-Man team” in the Naruto: Shippuden anime.

Although they have always been different, Naruto has achieved the Nine-Tails fox for his strong determination and pure intentions in the war. As a result, both are now close and strong together also.

The relationship between them has changed over the years. Young Jinchuriki suffered his entire childhood for the presence of a tailed beast inside of him.

The combination of Kurama’s sour attitude and the suffering he experienced resulted in a poor relationship with the beast.

The bond between them gradually developed over the years because Nine-Tails viewed Naruto’s pure Intentions. He understood that Kurama was a mindless beast and could realize his anger also.

How Did Naruto And Kurama Become Friends?

They became friends officially during the fourth Ninja war. After that, the bond between them slowly makes their hatred for each other fade. While Naruto trained to control Kurama’s Chakra, their friendship began from that time.

He must gain Kurama’s trust to achieve his target and remove the hatred from the heart. The young shinobi took the help of his mother, the person who suppressed Kurama’s immense chakra, to manage it.

When their relationship became very strong, he won over Kurama ultimately. As a result, Obito controlled all tailed beasts except for Kurama during the 4th Ninja battle. He even expressed that he was willing to make Kurama his friend and free the tailed beasts.

The determination of young shinobi softened Kurama’s heart. Therefore, Kurama started trusting Naruto completely with his powers and permitted him to use the chakra freely.

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Is Kurama Naruto’s Best Friend?

Yes, he is his best friend. He is the close friend of the young shinobi and has seen all of Naruto’s sufferings. However, both were not so close earlier as they used to bear deep animosity towards each other.

Why Befriending Kurama A Huge Feat for Naruto?

Befriending the Nine-Tails Fox is very hard. Therefore, after making Kurama his friend, he achieved a huge accomplishment. Kurama is the most powerful-tailed beast and the most problematic and aggressive.

In this regard, you need to know that he, as a shinobi isn’t the first to manage to befriend a tailed beast. However, Naruto is the person who befriended Kurama for the first time.

The old Jinchurikis of Kurama treated him like an object of power. But Naruto treated him with immense respect and achieved his trust by convincing him.

Is Naruto Weak Without Kurama?

what episode does naruto become friends with kurama

No, he isn’t weak without Kurama. The young shinobi does not rely on Kurama for assistance during the most frightening battles in his life.

Hence, you should know that Naruto had an immense amount of skills before starting to use Kurama actively. The chakra of Kurama can multiply his power considerably.

However, still, a lot of damage can be done by Naruto with just his skills.

Naruto knew the usage of the Toad Sage Mode, Six Paths Sage Mode, Rasengan, and Rasenshuriken. In addition, a few of the strongest abilities of the Naruto Universe are also available.

He is an Uzumaki with big reserves of chakra. As a result, he became a formidable foe without using Kurama’s chakra.

What Episode Does Naruto Fight Kurama?

He fights against Kurama in Episode #245, titled “The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine-Tails!!” of the anime Naruto: Shippuden. In the episode, you can see him taking assistance from the Killer Bee to control Kurama.

But it doesn’t go well, resulting in fighting with each other.

Generally, he comes in front of Kurama for the hostility in his heart. In what episode does naruto become friends with Kurama? When he makes himself his friend, he releases his seal using the key he got from Gerotora.

But Kurama became furious once he saw Killer Bee trying to control him using eight tails.

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Why Did Naruto And Kurama Do A Fist Bump?

They did a fist bump to seal their friendship. During the battle of the fourth ninja, they had a meaningful conversation ensuring Kurama that Naruto is trustable.

Naruto did a fist bump with the young shinobi resembling a newfound friendship and a sign of trust.

Does Naruto Like Kurama?

Yes, he likes Kurama a lot, and he shares deep love and respect for him. In childhood, the young shinobi didn’t prefer Nine-Tails. But gradually, in his growing period, he realized the beast more and more.

During any battle, he started seeing him as a best friend. Even Kurama turned out to be like a Father in his life. Their relationship keeps on deepening over the years. Therefore, both realize each other appropriately.

What Did Kurama Realize From His Conversation With Naruto?

what episode does naruto become friends with kurama

In what episode does naruto become friends with Kurama? The answer is episode 321. After conversing with Naruto, Kurama understood that Naruto differs from the old Jinchurikis.

Kurama realized he could trust Naruto and that Naruto would not misuse the Nine-tails’ powers.

Kurama has been used as a powerful tool for many years. As the nine-tailed beast, he had the most chakra out of all tailed beasts, and it can cause him to be put under genjutsu to spread destruction.

But he treated Kurama differently always, mainly when they had a conversation during the battle. Kurama was a friend to him, not a strong beast causing destruction.

You can find the young shinobi showing concern for the remaining tailed beasts that shocked Kurama. He was willing to save all tailed beasts under Obito’s control.

You could know about Naruto’s sincerity from the Nine-Tails. According to him, Naruto is the one who should wield his power.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Naruto befriend Kurama?

Naruto befriended Kurama by doing a fist bump. They had a meaningful conversation during the fourth ninja battle, ensuring Kurama that Naruto is trustable.

In addition, he did a fist bump with the young shinobi resembling a newfound friendship and a sign of trust.

2. In what episode does Naruto gain control of the Nine Tails?

While Naruto was going to die, Minato sealed his part of Kurama to Naruto. During this time, he was freed from the six-path power and achieved the full nine tails power in episode 424.

As soon as the Nine-Tails and he becomes friends, he unlocked the seal.

3. In which episode does Kurama die?

Kurama dies in Boruto Episode 218.

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