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When Does Naruto Become Chunin?

Naruto was never promoted to the rank of Chunin or Jonin. Even after passing his first and second Chunin exams on his first attempt, he was denied the title. He beat Kiba Inuzuka in the preliminary round and even Neji in the final match. However, Naruto did not receive the Chunin rank despite winning every combat in the exam. 

Naruto was denied the rank of Chunin or Jonin, which would have reflected his personality as a Shinobi. He had never been a particularly excellent student, to begin with.

He had already failed his Genin exam twice. After Samuel went rogue, he traveled with Jiraiya to explore the world, and when he returned, he was disqualified for using sage power, which is banned in the chunin exam finals. He never tried again after that.

After defending his master Iruka from an enemy attack, he was promoted to junior ninja. Iruka saw Naruto’s potential as a Shinobi by performing a complex shadow clone Jutsu. Later in life, he rose to a legendary reputation due to his tenacity and moral values.

Let me tell you whether Naruto becomes a chunin or jonin later in the series.

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When Does Naruto Become Chunin? Did Naruto Ever Become Jonin?

Naruto was never promoted to Chunin or Jonin. After Samuel went rogue, he traveled with Jiraiya to explore the world, and when he returned, he was disqualified for using sage power, which is banned in the chunin exam finals. He never tried again after that.

In a conversation in Boruto, Naruto confesses that he technically is still a genin by assigned ranks. He was never officially promoted to Chūnin or Jōnin and skipped both ranks on his way to becoming Hokage.

He passed both the first and second stages of his first Chunin exam. He defeated Kiba Inuzuka in the preliminary match and Neji in the final match. However, winning every battle in the exam did not entitle Naruto to the Chunin rank.

To be promoted to Chunin, Ninjas must demonstrate impressive strategies and the qualities of a good leader. Winning the match does not automatically qualify them for the rank. A Chunin’s responsibility is to lead a small group of shinobis on dangerous missions.

When Does Naruto Become Chunin? 
When Does Naruto Become Chunin? 

When Does Naruto Take The Chunin Exams?

After the Land of the Waves story arc, Naruto took his first Chunin Exams, which were held in his hometown of Konoha. The exam was canceled owing to the anticipated invasion of Konoha by Orochimaru and the Sunagakure ninjas. The raid was successful, and the Third and Fourth Hokage were killed.

His second attempt to pass the Chunin test occurred between Naruto Anime Series Part I and Part II (Naruto: Shippuden). It occurred outside the entire series’s framework as an original video animation or a short film. This little animation only covers the second part and preliminary match of Naruto’s second Chunin test.

Why Did Naruto Never Become A Chunin?

Naruto only took the Chunin assessments twice in his quest to grow to be a Hokage. Following the invasion of Konoha, the village was left without a Hokage chief.

To restore peace and order within the village, Naruto and the relaxation of the Konoha ninjas had to become aware of a candidate to turn out to be the 5th Hokage.

Years later, another deadly attack on Konoha occurred. Nagato, the commander of the Akatsuki, wishes to capture the Nine-Tailed Fox in Naruto’s body. Because of Naruto, the hamlet won the struggle, but they had to rebuild.

The danger of Akatsuki and their aim to wreak chaos prompted the five ninja villages to organize the Allied Shinobi Forces. The Fourth Shinobi World War took place for two days. The coalition succeeded in sealing all Ten-Tails, restoring peace and order to the ninja world.

Naruto encountered several challenges shortly after passing his first Chunin exam. He may not have achieved the Chunin level, but he was able to learn multiple S-rank Jutsu, allowing him to win the battle with the help of his comrades and friends. His immense strength stems from the Nine-Tailed Fox encased within his body.

Several global events occurred immediately following Naruto’s first Chunin exam. To restore peace in the ninja world, every village ninja worldwide went on missions and attacked renegade clans. Naruto’s second priority became passing the Chunin exam.

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When Does Naruto Become A Jounin?

Naruto failed to get hired as a Jonin. During the post- struggle era, when Kakashi, his original squad leader, became the 6th Hokage, he used his position to give Naruto the standing of Jonin of Hidden Foliage Village.

But Naruto has got to review. Naruto certainly tries Jonin for twenty-four from the later episodes of Portion II( Naruto Shippuden).

The Konoha 11 repeat their examinations and are promoted to Chunin during the time jump between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. However, Naruto has left the village and is now training independently with Jiraiya.

Naruto is among the strongest of his classmates upon his return, but owing to his lengthy hiatus, he is still officially rated as a Genin, as he was not present in Konoha to complete the official exam. 

This becomes a recurrent gag in the second part of Naruto; the title character rises to become the most powerful ninja in the series, yet his village still recognizes him as a Genin.

 When Does Naruto Become Chunin? 

Why Did Naruto Never Become A Jounin?

Naruto never became a jounin as they quite simply are terrible at understanding. He always struggles to get exams at the Academy from the start of the series. He started as a troublesome misfit.

Naruto officially became the seventh Hokage as Genin inside the post- warfare era for his major input in winning many battles for his village and another Ninja world. Later, having been the hero in the covered leaf.

He gained special recognition because he included master S i9000- Rank Ninjutsu and used them in battles. Having had time to defeat powerful adversaries using skills. The Nine-Tailed Fox inside him gives him access to infinite chakra, making him more powerful than most shinobis.


Naruto finally realized his ambition after years of strife and being labeled an outcast. He has risen to the position of Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, leading his community with authority and love. Sasuke also plays a crucial role in the community, guarding it against those who would damage it.

After years of struggle and being labeled an outcast, Naruto finally realized his dream. He has ascended to the position of Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, commanding and loving his people. Sasuke also plays an important role in the community, protecting it from those who would harm it.


  1. What episode does Naruto take the Chunin?

In the ninth episode of the Naruto OVA, he delivered the Chunin examinations. On Fire, Chunin! Konohamaru vs. Naruto Uzumaki While Konohamaru rejoices because he can strike a blow, Naruto stands up and enters Sage Mode.

However, after realizing that the usage of senjutsu was specifically prohibited for this Chain Exam to make it fairer for other Genin, Naruto is disqualified, and Konohamaru wins by default.

 2. Is Naruto still a Genin?

Although he has fulfilled his objective of becoming the Hokage, Naruto is still classified as a Genin in the Boruto sequel series. After completing the academy graduation test, there are three ninja levels to achieve in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto universe. Newbies begin as Genin, progress to Chunin as adults, and finally, the elite are promoted to Jonin. 

Naruto becomes a Genin by exploiting a loophole, mastering the prohibited Shadow Clone technique instead of completing the formal exam. The principal character and his classmates remain at Genin level for the first half of the original Naruto series, with only the super-intelligent Shikamaru raised to Chain.

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