Lauren Conrad With Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt

Lauren Conrad Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt

Here’s what Lauren really thinks about that jackass Spencer. Who does he think he is, and why is he always trying to act tough… I mean throwing up gang signs, come on! He is a total loser and I’m so glad LC has finally moved on away from all of the drama, she doesn’t deserve it!

According to this video Spence-Dog is not someone you want to mess with, he’s been known to get a little crazy. -StarzUncut

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  • Kate

    they’re soooooooo drunk, its hilarious!!

  • Louise

    Its an old picture and spencer is an ass Heidi should just leave him and her and Lauren should sort stuff out :D Xxxxx

  • Amanda

    whoa! was this from a long time ago…or recently…if it was recently then OMG when did Spencer and Lauren become friends?!

  • Taylor

    Ew. Lauren is too good for them.

  • sg

    haha… this was before all of heidi’s plastic surgery..

  • Caasy

    Meh. It sums them up really.
    Spencer: Douchebag
    Heidi: Totally oblivious
    Lauren: Disgusted by Spencer

  • Mari

    It’s an old pic before Lauren knew what an a**hole he really was. You can also tell because its pre-booby and nose for Heidi. Well as least sh knows her kids are going to big ass noses.

  • AngieO

    BAHAHA the best pic of all of them EVER…Spencer is so ugly. ew.

  • candi

    wow this pic is soooo old, its pre plastic+heidi… when lauren could stand spencer despite him being a complrte douche!

  • Suany

    That Fhoto looks like it was a longggg time Ago… jejeje

  • maggie

    this pictures toooo funny lol

  • Crystal


  • dc

    old pic, heidi has her old nose in the pic

  • Ashley

    Wow Heidi looks so much better with this nose haha… picture worth 1000 words

  • Issy

    It’ss an old pic, look at heidiss hairr! x

  • jen

    you can def tell this is an old pic by Heidi

  • Ana Luísa – Brasil!!

    this photo is so funny!! they’re all so drunk… HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Katherine

    This pic is so hilarious love it:)

  • Mytaege

    so cute

  • Taylor

    LC is hanging out with hedi and spencer ? :S

  • Samantha Andrews

    Oh wow.. LOL

  • Escodayimmism


  • ferraminnoff

    Yes :)

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  • harveybirdman

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  • user6459

    Lauren conrad heidi montag and spencer pratt.. Nice :)

  • arz

    Lauren conrad heidi montag and spencer pratt.. OMG! :)