David Arquette Was In A Car Accident Today

david-arquette-head-on-car accident

David Arquette was involved in a car accident today in West Hollywood when his Cadillac drifted into oncoming traffic after a car in front of him suddenly stopped. He tried to avoid hitting the stopped car but instead ran into a car traveling in the opposite direction.

Sources say David was about to board a private jet at Burbank Airport that was heading to Las Vegas for a party hosted by Kim Kardashian. David was taken away in an ambulance and it was reported that both drivers suffered minor to moderate injuries.

David later tweeted “I got into a car accident but i’m fine. Luckily I have tiger’s blood running through my veins.” He also mentioned “Remember to wear your seatbelt-wish I was.”

Thank god for that tiger’s blood! Hope he has a speedy recovery. -StarzUncut

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