Idol Fans Outraged Over Pia Toscano Tweet

Idol Fans Outraged Over Pia Toscano Tweet

Pia Toscano, who many feel exited American Idol pre-maturely, took to her Twitter and revealed her own premonition of the decision. The powerhouse diva opened up to Speakeasy stating; “Ya know, it was definitely a little bit of surprise, but the night before I had a weird feeling in my stomach,”.

A slew of Idol fans and celebrities alike have expressed their outrage. Some have even vowed NEVER to tune into the highly rated completion again. Many have attributed the tough criticism she faced from the judges as a reason for her departure.

Though the news is disappointing, many ex-Idols go on to have enviable careers. Jennifer Hudson, who was voted out of the competition in 2004, went on to win an Oscar for her role in 2007’s Dreamgirls.

UPDATE: The UK’s Daily Mail reports that American Idol reject, Pia Toscano may have already scored a record deal. Toscano, whose vote off the reality competition came as a shock, was reportedly contacted by Interscope records. The label is said to be work-shopping a team of songwriters and producers who will collaborate with the singer.

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