John Travolta Has Signed On To Play Mob Boss John Gotti

John Travolta Play Mob Boss John Gotti

It was announced today that John Travolta has signed on to play Mob Boss John Gotti. The famed head of the Gambino crime family died in prison after a much publicized and controversial life. The film is entitled: Gotti: Three Generations. Travolta confirmed his involvement during a press conference stating:

“This is probably the most interesting, untold story in this country, and what a character to approach and understand,”

The film will also feature Joe Pesci and rumor has it, Lindsey “losing it” Lohan. The starlet’s career has taken a beating since her antics landed her in prison on numerous occasions. Films that have her attached to them often have difficulty getting financed since Lohan is deemed an insurance risk. No word yet if that is true of this production.

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