No Horror Story Here


Courtney Cox Arquette appeared on ABC News to promote her new film, Scream 4. The films are greatly connected to her personal life since she met and married David Arquette while filming the initial three installments.

The two endured a very public separation but have been working to repair their relationship. From her comments, it is clear that divorce is not the path the Cougar Town star wants to take. She had this to say:

“Dave’s got such a big heart. We’re in a really good place. We’re probably the best we’ve ever been cause we’re being really honest with each other. We have such huge amounts of affection for one another. We have memories, we have 15-years of memories and there’s no point in spoiling that…He will always be my guy, ya know. I love him.”

What a refreshing approach to marriage! There’s no shortage of quickie marriages in Hollywood. Stars rarely take the time to make relationships work. Good for her for being so determined.

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