Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Love Child


Hey StarzUncut, I saw the pic you posted of Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s love child and WOW he looks just like Arnold! I can’t believe this story didn’t unravel sooner, I mean didn’t anyone think it was a coincidence that Patricia Baena was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper and her kid looks almost exactly like him?! I know if I were her husband I would definitely be asking some questions.


I feel kind of bad for the kid because of all of the attention he has been getting but I also feel bad for Arnold’s wife… even though I’m sure she will probably be his ex-wife soon. What’s up with all these actors having affairs, it almost sounds like this is going to be another Tiger Woods story? This is no way for a person to act, especially as a celebrity and ex-governor of California. There are a lot of people that looked up to him and now he just lost a lot of fans…. me included.


I really hope this kid doesn’t let all of the attention hurt him. I’m sure he will have a lot of opportunity in life and I wonder if he will consider getting into acting like his father.

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  • TigTii

    Wow, I think Arnolds new nickname should be “the Impregnator”.

    • Nicole

      That is funny!!

      • Amber

        Mommy.. I’ll Be Back For Some Leche!!

    • theis

      The Inseminator…

  • NMolli

    The sun really takes after his father. Unbelievable! Thy are very handsome. I like them.

  • Mo

    Arnold dropped $65k as a Down Payment gift to fund the baby mama’s house in Ca

  • Trinidad

    Arnold, I forgive you! :) mistakes happen.



    • UmYeah

      Yeah like Maria Shriver is SOOOOOOOO gorgeous. NOT. She is Fugly Freaking Ugly. I bet 20 plus years ago that Staffer was an improvement over what he had.

  • love?child

    Doesn’t “Arnold’s love child” indicate there was love involved? I seriously doubt that “love” had anything to do with it.

    • Joel M

      “Love child” is a euphemism for a child born out of wedlock. Unless your stupid – why post stupid comments?

  • bunnyhot

    she probably wanted to do anything as arnold asked for example a Dongkey! you knnow what i mean LOL

  • Jessie

    Wow!how rude..the woman who gave birth to his son is by no means ugly.She is just a regular person.He was and is a rich powerful man.She could have blackmailed him years ago,but did not.

    • Crystal

      I have to agree with you. Everyones outlook is if you don’t look like a barbie or have perfect(photoshoped)body/face…then your ugly!!! All of you that are saying she’s “fugly” are probably fat ugly trolls yourself…..Go find something else to do to make yourself feel better….D.A.

  • Tom

    None or Maria’s kids look like Arnold. Why doesn’t anyone notice that?

    • little dickens

      Thank goodness!

  • Wayne

    Atleast we know he didnt waste tax payer money on rubbers lol

  • Wayne

    Atleast we know he didnt waste tax payer money on condoms.. lol

  • Pornita

    Poor kid got the worst of both worlds in the genetics dept.

  • JBP

    The only thing I see that resembles Arnold is the gap in the kid’s teeth. Other than that, he looks just like his mother. They should have put pics of his mother side by side too. Unless there is a DNA panel done, I think it’s still up in the air about who this kid belongs to.


    In African culture, Zambia in particular and especially from my tribe a man having extra marital affair is not an issue. they say “UBU CHENDE BWA MWAUME TABONA NGANDA” translated a man’s extra marital affair does not lead to devorce. Therefore Arnold’s wife go back home. All those People in your country are not Angels.. if God had to show each one’s video…..

    • BLONDY

      If Africa is so great, go back there. Here in the United States, women haven’t taken this garbage since women’s lib. Good for Maria, she doesn’t let people push her around.