Flo Rida Drives A Bugatti But Can’t Afford A Chauffeur?


Hey StarzUncut,

I just read the post about rapper Flo Rida driving drunk in his Bugatti and wow what an idiot!

Driving drunk is such a stupid thing to do and it’s hard to fly under the radar when your in one of the most flashiest cars in the world. It’s not like he couldn’t afford a driver especially since his car costs almost $2 million!

It seems like every couple weeks you hear about another celebrity getting a DUI. Are these stars to impaired to make any logical decisions or do they just not care about the law??? It really makes me mad to hear about these stories especially when there are always news about people getting killed by drunk drivers :( .

I agree. Drinking and driving is far to dangerous, it’s just not worth it! -StarzUncut

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